ELS 612: Leadership for Technology Innovation


ELS 612 introduces school technology leadership for public school leaders. It emphasizes how educational administrators inspire and lead development and implementation of a shared vision for the comprehensive integration of technology in a school. Course content includes an introduction to vision, planning, policies, and funding related to technology.

Major Course Objectives:

This course is designed to provide an understanding of effective school leadership for technology as outlined in the National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators (International Society for Technology in Education, 2009). Specifically, students will understand:

  • How to inspire a shared vision for technology integration and foster an environment and culture conducive to the realization of that vision.
  • How to create, promote, and sustain a dynamic, digital-age learning culture.
  • How to empower educators to enhance student learning through the infusion of contemporary technologies and digital resources.
  • How to manage and continuously improve the organization through the effective use of information and technology resources.
  • How to model and facilitate an understanding of the social, ethical, and legal issues and responsibilities related to an evolving digital culture.=

In addition, students will:

  • Demonstrate principles of effective message design in the development of course assignments.