EDN 606: Applying Emerging Technologies 


This course will prepare leaders to: 1) develop a system-wide vision for educational technology; and 2) explore the potential of technological trends for public education.

Learning Goals:

Leadership is central in successful school reform. Unfortunately, the technology needs of school administrators continue to be neglected nationwide. When school administrators don't understand information and communication technologies, the result is that most schools fail to achieve their full potential for students and teachers. Without effective technology leadership, teachers, students, staff and administrators are underserved, unprepared, an ineffective at participating in a 21st Century global knowledge economy.

In this course, the student will:

  1. Contrast various metrics to analyze school technology plans.
  2. Use a broad spectrum of current emerging technologies to provide research content to an audience of their peers.
  3. Explore the meaning of being a technology leader and creating 21st Century schools.
  4. Gain knowledge of skills needed to be a data-driven school leader.
  5. Develop heightened attention to emerging technologies to help teachers integrate these technologies to improve student engagement and achievement.